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What size cake do I need??
Please use the table below as a guide. The number of portions will obviously depend on the size of slice you cut, however as a general rule, for fruit cake slices are based on a 1 inch square, sponge cakes slices are much larger.
Fruit Cakes
Round / Heart shape Square
6 inch 15-20 Portions 20-30 Portions
8 inch 40-50 Portions 50-60 Portions
10 inch 60-70 Portions 70-80 Portions
12 inch 90-100 Portions 130-150 Portions
Sponge Cakes
Round / Heart shape Square
6 inch 8-10 Portions 10-12 Portions
8 inch 10-15 Portions 20-25 Portions
10 inch 25-30 Portions 35-40 Portions
12 inch 50-60 Portions 70-80 Portions
Additional cutting cakes are also available if you have a large number of guests and need more cake portions without the expense. Cutting cakes are plain iced cakes but your guests will not know the difference.
10 inch fruit cake 60, 10 inch sponge cake 40
8 inch fruit cake 45, 8 inch sponge cake 30